We are happy for the opportunities we had in training and accompanying professional teams and companies around the world

Courses for
Companies and Professional Teams

We have rich experience in content delivery and building tailor-made courses to enhance your team!

Private courses for companies

We tailor the content specifically to your team and needs. In a joint meeting, we will analyze your professional needs, address the profile of the course participants, its length and the frequency of the sessions. We will then get back to you with an offer for a private syllabus that meets the needs and goals you set at the meeting. Examples of topics that can be included in a private course – basic principles in user experience, limitations of human perception and the psychology behind design, aesthetics in product design, information architecture, responsive design, proper characterization of touch interfaces, types of research in the user experience world, advanced work methodologies (Lean, Agile) Optimization for an existing product, usability testing, tools and software and more

Targeted workshops and tutorials

A professional workshop is a great way to deepen the knowledge on a specific topic, with the option to practice the topic hands-on and receive professional feedback while practicing. Sample topics: how to perform user tests and optimization processes, Axure workshop for beginners and advanced, Sketch workshop and effective work processes for designers, correct submission of characterization and design products, research in the world of user experience

Accompaniment in recruitment processes

We offer to build a professional recruitment process for you, and even manage the process for you. Throughout the process you can choose to receive regular updates about the candidates and the results of their professional tests during the process, or choose to continue working quietly, and at the end of the process receive a short list of 4-5 final candidates and choose the right professional for you. We will examine the candidate professionally and in addition the degree of their professional suitability to the existing team and the work dynamics

Accompaniment of managers

We are happy to accompany managers during the day-to-day challenges of managing work teams, accompanying in building training and professional development programs for employees, deciding on the products for which they are responsible and building the right mix of professional staff and role definitions that will enable mutual fertilization and balance

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